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Jan 12, 2013 6:30am PST
clean energy and educate our children. instead, we're left with one mini crisis after another. it's your political leaders playing chicken with your well-being. government's inaction is threatening an economy, desperate to recover. lawmakers avoided the fiscal cliff at the eleventh hour but there are three more cliffs and more answers. can government finally agree on sensible spending cuts and the budget, will america, the largest business in the world, be forced to shut down due to washingt washington's dysfunction? >>> let me show you what our budget disaster looks like. a chart from the bipartisan policy center. this projects what will happen on february 15th, run out of money. $9 billion will come in that day. $52 billion in bills come due. if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling, congress has to decide which of these bills to pay. interest on the debt we already owe, that's $30 billion. irs refunds, about $7 billion. federal salaries, difficult tut military paychecks, medicare, medicaid bills, defense vendors need to be paid. unemployment checks need to get cut. food stamp d
Jan 5, 2013 6:30am PST
investments in education, investments in infrastrkture, we need to make higher education more affordable. you can't do that with the kind of deficits we're talking about. which is why i think we should have let the bush tax cuts lapse all together for everyone. >> zanny, you talk about investments and that sounds like spending in a world where overspending is the buzz word. >> that's part of the problem right here. you know, on one side thinks all kind of spend iing is terrible. i agree that we need to have entitlement overhaul. i agree there are some spending that can be cut. you're absolutely right, this country needs investment in some areas, investment in infrastructure, investment in refocus, retraining programs and things like that. one lesson could be learned from europe. the europeans have mess aid lot of this stuff up in the past. in the early 1980s, europe had very high unemployment, very high long-term employment and didn't do anything about it. it became a millstone around these economies, a scar on them. long-term unemployment and people who won't be able to get back into th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2